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May 29, 2002

The craziness never ends.

The Mundane
I'm going to Washington DC for the summer in just two days, and I'm trying to get everything I'll need into two suitcases. Planning for this sort of thing requires an organized apartment, which mine has not historically been. So I'm working up quite a sweat, and growing less and less attached to things as I have the age-old "keep or toss?" debate.

Boogie will be staying in New York with Jason for the summer, which makes me a little sad on both counts.

I have a place to stay in Washington, I'm sharing an apartment with friends-of-a-friend. The room is unfurnished, and so far all I have to furnish it is a bed and a gift certificate to Target from Alaina. I'll have to be creative.

Jillay totally saved my bacon when I saw her in New Jersey by offering to drive down to DC from Delaware to help me pick up my bed and make a run to Target for last-minute necessities. And in a totally unexpected development, Jason looked at his schedule and it turns out he will be able to come down as well!

I still don't have anyone to sublet my fabulous (and soon-to-be-spotless!) studio apartment here in New York, so if you know of anybody looking for a place to stay, let me know!

The Divine
So, Ñaña had her baby! Jason and I were in New Jersey visiting my parents when she went into labor, and I was a nervous wreck all day. Tony was a doll calling every few hours with an update, culminating with the call while we were on the train back to New York to tell us that Juliana had arrived and that everyone was healthy and happy. I would have loved to have already been in Washington when it happened, but I'm just grateful that I'll be able to spend the summer nearby. I can't wait to see her this weekend. I predict that I will cry.

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