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February 13, 2003

Jill's Scarf

Now that she's received it, I can post about it! I promised Jillay a scarf around her birthday (in November, ack!) and I finally got it finished. It's embarrassing that it took me this long but Jill -- ever patient -- tolerated my tardiness without a peep. Happy Birthday, Jillay!

To see the pattern, etc, click 'more'...

The scarf is knit in Lion Brand Chenille Thick and Quick in Dusty Blue. I used size 11 needles, and cast on 16 stitches. The checkerboard pattern was created this way:

Row 1: K4, P4, K4, P4
Rows 2-4: as Row 1
Row 5: P4, K4, P4, K4
Rows 6-8: as Row 2


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