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June 13, 2003

The Yarn Store Made Me Do It

I went to my LYS the other day to pick up some yarn for a(nother) baby project and I was almost out the door with minimal damage to my bank account when they lured me back in.

One of them, who had just helped me pick out colors for the baby present, caught me admiring Francine. Somebody at the store had knit it up in Chocolate and put it on a mannequin right by the cash register. When she asked me if I liked it, I said that I did but that the halter style usually looks silly on me.

'Try it on!' she urged. I was done for. Two days later, this is where I am:


You'll notice that I'm doing it sans the Mirror FX yarn accents. This is the way that it was on the floor sample at the store, and I really liked the muted neutral brown color so I decided to skip the sequins.

Obviously, the top looked much better on me than I had anticipated, but there were still two problems. First, it was a little short. This was not surprise since I'm long-waisted. Second, it gapped in the back. On the advice of the (same persuasive) woman at the store, I added a half-inch to the ribbing for length. I'm also knitting the front panels first so that I can see if I need to make any size adjustments in the back to keep it from gapping.

Note: While I was taking the above picture, Sammie (Jason's cat) jumped up onto the counter to inspect the piece; you can see her little gray paw at the bottom of the frame. Next, she sniffed the knitting throughly, which piqued Boogie's interest. So he jumped up on the counter as well, which led Sammie to sit next to the knitting territorially. I rescued Francine just as the huffing and stalking began. Silly kitties.

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