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April 22, 2005

Unexpected Boomerang

Originally uploaded by ShannonC.

This picture landed in my inbox a few days ago, a boomerang that I tossed out years ago and didn't expect to see again! The blanket and the hat were knit for Henry, Jason's nephew, about two years ago -- right before he was born (see this entry). Both are now being used by Sydney, Henry's baby sister.

It's funny, I have no record of the hat on this site; in fact, I had totally forgotten that I made it until I saw it in this picture. Looking at it now, I doubt Henry's parents put it on him much. It's a bit girl-y and Henry's peach fuzz hair, big blue eyes and long eyelashes were confusing enough when he was an infant.

I was thrilled to see that the blanket and hat were handed down to Syd. Even though it's still a bit big on her, the girliness of the hat suits her just fine. She is, after all, the prettiest baby I have the pleasure to know.

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