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August 20, 2007


Oh, the lameness that exists here at la casa Gringa. I'm so behind!

Right on schedule, my wonderful sock pal's package for me arrived full of goodies from the heartland.

My pal rules!

My pal was Megan (Knitstasher11) from MIssouri, and she sent me the coolest package! First, my socks. They are made from Rowan 4 Ply Cotton, and the pattern is Laura's Fluted Banister Socks. They fit perfectly, and have just the right amount of stretch.The socks came with an adorable scrapbook of where they've been so far -- everywhere from my pal's son's soccer practice, to Arkansas for a business trip, to Texas for the birth of my pal's first grandchild! She also sent two more balls of Rowan 4 ply Cotton, a cute keychain sock-blocker (for mini socks), and some honey-toasted peanuts (mmmm, peanuts). I was spoiled!

So, you might ask, if I got my package on time... why wait so long to post about it? Because my package to my pal was not nearly so punctual! I did finally get it out last week, though, and now that I know that she's got it, I can spill the beans!

My pal's socks

I knit socks for fellow DC-area knit-blogger Yarn Geek! She requested socks to keep her feet warm, and I hope she likes them! I included a treat for her little girl and, to feed her Harry Potter love, a book written by a certain knit-blogger all Sockapaloozers know and love. (Why no pictures of the rest of the package? Because I am lame.)

So, another Sockapalooza successfully concluded -- thank you for organizing, Alison!

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Me da mucho gusto que tu sockpal te haya tratado tan bien. Los calcetines que tu hiciste también están muy bonitos, yo creo que los van disfrutar mucho. Un abrazo

Posted by: Andrea at August 21, 2007 9:50 AM