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July 22, 2003

All done!

Last week, I emailed Alison of the Blue Blog to inquire about her knitting group the Knitsmiths. I knew that Alison was a Boston-area girl, and I had long planned to email her about good knitting spots in the area. Last week I read in somebody else's blog that the Knitsmiths actually meet here in Brookline -- that lit a fire under me and I sent off the e-mail. She quickly wrote back that all are welcome to drop in and she hoped I would stop by their meeting on Sunday.

My self-imposed deadline for the ChicKami was successful, it was done on Friday night. I blocked it on Saturday and wore it on Sunday; I hoped that if I had trouble finding the Knitsmiths that wearing the latest Alison knit-along would help identify me.

I'm glad I went, it was a blast! Everybody was so nice and so helpful, and Alison and I discovered that we are actually very close neighbors. Gina and I had a series of coincidences: first, we were both wearing our newly-finished ChicKamis. (Yes, I cut my hair last week.) Next we discovered that her husband and Jason are fellows at the same hospital -- her husband started last year so he's a year ahead. Finally, we're both refugees from New York. I was dazzled by May's work, and sorry that I didn't have time to talk to more of the Knitsmiths at the other end of the table. I had a wonderful afternoon knitting, and I will definitely be returning.

Now I'm off to update my sidebar to reflect my current project and to add the links of the people I met on Sunday. I should have some more detailed pictures of ChicKami up soon. Happy knitting!

Posted by shannon at July 22, 2003 2:32 AM | For related posts: ChicKami


It was great having you at Knitsmiths. And your chicKami is beautiful! Hope to see you next week.

Posted by: alison at July 22, 2003 7:27 AM

Better late commenting, than never.....
I was one at the other end of the table. Just wanted to say hi again! I won't be at knitsmiths for the next 2 weeks, but I hope to bump into you the next time I attend.
It's always great to meet fellow bloggers in person! So exciting!

Posted by: Sandy at July 28, 2003 3:40 PM