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June 8, 2004


I've definitely noticed a trend -- when my knitting isn't going well, my blogging is next-to non-existent. I just logged into Movable Type, and found this draft entry exactly as I left it on May 5. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how you look at it), I have made no further progress on this project since the picture below was taken -- so I don't even need to delay publishing this post!

Short story: Silky Smooch is no more. The gauge of the Silk Cotton was just "off" enough to throw the pattern into chaos, and my attempts to knit it with smaller needles was murder on the joints of my hands and arms. Of course, I ripped it.

I cast on for the ChicKami after taking care to do the math carefully and re-write the pattern for the gauge best suited to the yarn. You can see how far I got (below), until somebody pointed out that the yarn might be too warm for the summer. The more I thought about it, the more I realized what a good point she had -- what would be less attractive than a pretty knitted tank with sweat marks?!?

So here it sits, waiting for a decision. In the meantime, I've moved on to other (not necessarily more successful) pursuits. More on that soon, I hope.


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