July 23, 2007

Knee Socks, Again!

We recently went to Cape Cod for a wedding, and took advantage of our presence in the Bay State to visit some of our friends! Flight schedules prevented me from attending Alison's book signing at Webs, but I did get to see her for a few minutes before she dashed out the door.

And look what she had for me!


That's right, it's the yarn from the dearly departed knee-socks! I had forgotten that she also snagged a skein for herself, and thanks to her largesse, the knee socks will live again! Long live the knee socks!

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June 14, 2007

A Requiem for Kneesocks

I loved these socks.

Alison enabled the purchase of the yarn (even spotted me the cash to buy it!) from fellow Knitsmith Reese. It sat in my stash for a bit while I was waiting for inspiration when one day it hit me: I needed knee socks. Red ones. With cables.

The cable up the back of the leg was based on a cable I found in the Stitch Bible. I sort of made up the calf shaping as I went.

Knee socks

I loved these socks as soon as they were done. The yarn was so soft that even I, the Great Allergic One, could stand to wear it next to my skin for brief periods of time. These pictures don't really do the colors justice, either -- a bright, clear red with a petal pink. They were perfect for commuting on public transportation on a cold winter's day -- I would wear them on my way to work to keep my legs warm, and take them off when I got to the office.

I'm sad to report that these socks were recently lost in a felting incident. I'd happily make myself another pair, but both Reese's blog and Etsy store have been dormant for some time, so I think the chances of getting any more yarn like it is pretty slim.

A moment of silence, please, for the Kneesocks.

Knee socks

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July 25, 2006

When in doubt, knit for babies

We're pretty settled in down here in our nation's capital, and are adjusting to the new house, higher humidity, and Metro knitting. So let me catch you up a bit!

Hourglass sweater

My birthday was about a month before we left Boston, and Alison thoughtfully gifted me some beautiful Canasta by Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets. After some false starts ("It's going to be Tubey. Wait, no...*rip* ... it's Clapotis! No, that's not it either...*rip*...") I decided on using it to make a modified Hourglass Sweater (from LMKG). I made the sweater with 3/4-length sleeves to conserve yarn, and knit the pieces flat up to the armholes to give it some additional structure. Once up to the armholes, I joined all of the pieces and knit the rest in the round -- adding several extra rounds at the top to maximize strap coverage. The yarn was a real pleasure to knit with, and while I had to alternate skeins from the bottom to the armholes to prevent pooling, once I started the decreases I found it wasn't necessary. I can't wait until it's no so hot and humid here, and I can actually wear it!

Hourglass sweater and new knitting area

Last weekend I finally set up my knitting area in the basement. I have big plans for this little nook, but for the time begin I'll settle for my yarn, blocking board, ball winder, and swift being out of boxes and in a place where I can use them again. Hooray!


Some of you might have gathered or heard that Johanna and her hubby have taken over our Boston-area apartment and are happily getting it ready for their baby. It's wonderful that somebody we know and like moved into our place (and that there's still knitting going on there!), though pictures like this one still throw me for a loop -- hey, that's our old porch!

Anyway, Johanna was very sweet and sent me some lovely pink and brown Koigu after hearing me complain endlessly that I couldn't find this colorway of Artyarns Supermerino. Her generosity raises a dilemma, though. I was originally looking for the Supermerino to make a pair of socks as a gift. Now that I have the comparable colorway in the incomparable Koigu, am I going to be able to give away the final product? Stay tuned!

Finally, the itty-bitty baby socks are what happened when I finished the projects on my needles, but had yet to unpack my yarn or pattern books. What to do? Why, cast on for baby socks, of course! I used remnants from the Koigu socks I made for our real estate agent who was so instrumental in us getting this house we love so much. You can see a very blurry picture of them here, and a picture of the colorway here. The baby socks will soon be winging their way to a friend who just found out she's expecting her first baby -- they don't know if they are having a boy or a girl, but I figured this colorway would do either way.

So now what? I don't know. Maybe it's all of the moving-related upheaval, but I'm having trouble deciding on a new project. Not to worry, though -- my friends and family are doing their best to increase the earth's population these days, so there's always baby knitting to be done!

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March 21, 2006

The Thrill of Victory


Let me get right to the point: I adore this sweater. I like it so much, in fact, that I have already worn it four times since I finished -- three times for dinner with friends and again to its Knitsmiths debut yesterday. It's comfortable, the fit is right, and the yarn is so soft. In terms of the way it feels, Samoa is the most like Calmer that I've encountered.

The pattern's been written for days now, and I've been trying to get it posted for about 48 hours straight. Yesterday, Jason's laptop ate it (note to self: Macs and Word documents originated on a PC do not play nicely together). Today, I finished recreating it and converting it to a PDF while at work... only to forget to grab my *($^*&% USB drive on my way out the door.

But I cannot contain my joy at the finished product that is this sweater, so I'm posting this entry now and will add the pattern tomorrow morning. [Update: It's up!] In the meantime, I managed to salvage the pattern notes from a previous version on my home computer-- they are in the extended entry if you'd like to read a little bit about the sweater and its construction.

The Very Necessary Sweater Pattern
(Updated with minor corrections -- 1/22/07.)
(it's a pdf!)

Pattern Notes