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October 18, 2004

Rhinebeck and Better Than Ever!

My first purchase at Rhinebeck was cotton. There, I said it.


The thing is, I'm allergic to wool. And by "wool", I mean sheep's wool, angora, llama, and alpaca. So while I've been wanting to make myself some socks for a few months, animal-free sock yarn is hard to come by. This Fixation was well priced, and I snapped it up before even realizing that I was probably committing some kind of Rhinebeck cardinal sin.

I quickly atoned for my sin, however. Alison wasn't kidding when she said that we spent a disproportionate amount of time patronizing Morehouse Merino -- both at the fairgrounds and at their store. I bought a few skeins of their 3-Strand yarn for Christmas knitting. My big purchase, however, was a "Melody's Shawl" kit from Morehouse. The pattern isn't on their website yet, but the yarn is variegated lace and I'm fairly sure that the color is "Indian Summer". It's a very cool pattern. It's knit lengthwise in the round and then cut -- yes, I said cut -- to open the shawl and create fringe. Very clever. (How will I wear such a creation, given my anti-animal-fiber immune system? Why, over a turtleneck, of course!)


A final note about my companions this weekend. Going to Rhinebeck with Alison is like going to Japan with Hideki Matsui. I met more cool knit-bloggers this way then I ever would have if I had gone on my own! And a special thank you to "the boys" -- both little and big -- for being such great sports while Alison and I touched every single skein of yarn in the fairgrounds.

(Little) boys, enjoying a big slide. They were so much fun -- by the end of the second day at the fairgrounds, Benny was heard asking to "go see the yarn". Good boy!

Usually when I take pictures of yarn, Boogie high-tails it out of the frame. Doesn't like having his picture taken without adequate prep-time I suppose. I fully expected that he would do the same tonight, but he stayed put. I think he makes a pretty cute background.

Posted by shannon at October 18, 2004 11:03 PM | For related posts: Melody's Shawl


Boogie matches the fixation yarn so well, he had to stay! Cute picture of the boys - they do love those slides. And they had a great time! Thanks for an awesome weekend. :)

Posted by: alison at October 19, 2004 12:08 AM