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January 18, 2005

I'm Not a Scofflaw, Really!

Apparently, I'm not the only one who has been asked to stop knitting during takeoff and landing!

For the record, I have absolutely no problem with obeying safety- and security-related rules as they relate to air travel. I like rules, particularly ones that make sense. The Transportation Safety Administration's take-over of airport security screening was the best thing to ever happen to knitters who fly, as far as I'm concerned. Security had previously been paid for by the airlines, and each airline was only responsible for the security at its own terminal -- so it was possible to have several different contractors running the checkpoints at a single airport, each of which had its own rules about the admissability of knitting needles. Now that the TSA people are the only game in town, and they've included knitting needles on the Permitted and Prohibited Items List, we have a rule that applies to all flights that originate in the United States. And like I said, I like rules.

A lot of you commented that you thought it was because knitting needles would be dangerous in the event of a crash or serious turbulence, and that both of those things were more likely at takeoff and landing. I hinted in my last entry that I suspected that was the reason, but it begs two questions: Why did she fixate on my knitting, and ignore other potential projectiles (books/pencils/pens) sitting all around me? And if my knitting needles are at risk of becoming dangerous airborne projectiles, why on earth is this the first time I've ever been asked to stow them during takeoff and landing? As I mentioned in my last entry, I travel by air frequently (8-12 trips per year, I'd estimate) and this has only ever happened once. In fact, Jason and I flew this past weekend and my knitting during takeoff and landing got no attention whatsoever.

I have one more travel-related story, but I'll save it for later. In fact, I hope to post some actual knitting content -- pictures and everything -- before boring you with another text-only entry about air travel! Stay tuned.

Posted by shannon at January 18, 2005 1:01 PM | For related posts: Knit Gringa, Knit!


Everything about air travel these days is hit-or-miss. I've only knitted in the air on one trip -the attendents that came over to me always what to know what I was working on since they knit as well. I've seen people "commanded" to put things away during landing and I've also see people with their seatbacks in the wrong position and not a word is said. Don't let it get to you.

Posted by: Susie at January 19, 2005 5:08 PM

I always knit when I fly - through it all, take off, landing, everything. Never have I been asked to stop. I always carry the TSA list with me though. They'd have to pry those needles out of my cold, cold fingers. ;-)

Sorry you had so much trouble!

Posted by: Cara at February 9, 2005 3:10 PM