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October 27, 2005

Catching My Breath

Getting married warps the time-space continuum, there's just no other way to explain it. As we got closer and closer to the event itself, time began to speed up until -- just as everybody told me it would -- the wedding weekend went by in a flash. Now that time has resumed it's normal pace, I have a lot to share! Let's start with some pre-wedding eye candy...

The weekend before the wedding, we called a Time Out on the insanity and headed up to New Hampshire to see Jason's brother run a half-marathon. Noah wasn't the main attraction, of course... Robbie was! And because his mama is a fantastic sister-in-law, Robbie was sporting the Mickey sweater I made for him before he was born! Seeing him in the sweater makes all the intarsia madness worth it.

Robbie's first visit to the pumpkin patch. The little guy began to list to port
just as Jason snapped the picture; the hand you see in corner belongs to
Robbie's dad as he lunged to steady him!

P.S. For those looking for wedding pictures, there are a few "teasers" linked on Jason's site. More to come!

Posted by shannon at October 27, 2005 2:51 PM | For related posts: For Robbie


Shannon, I just finished looking through the pictures that Jason put up. What great photos, it looks like you just had the best time. I hope that you both enjoyed it ten times more than the enormous amount that came through in the pictures!

Posted by: Johanna at October 27, 2005 9:32 PM

Robbie is such a sweetie, that's an awesome photo of him. I looked through the pictures that Jason put up of the wedding and you both looked so happy and it looked like such a special day for you both. I really thank you both for sharing them. I felt touched by the love that you two share and the wedding party all seemd to be a witness to it all. Btw, Jason's mother did a wonderful job with the chuppah as well. Truly beautiful colors. It will make a gorgeous wall hanging and a reminder of your special day.

Posted by: Wanda at October 29, 2005 3:05 PM