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March 30, 2005

Two for One

One project means one knit-a-long, right? Well yes, unless you're a compulsive joiner like me!

fixin' vixen  NumberOne: When I joined Alison's February Fixin' knit-a-long, I reclaimed a bunch of Calmer from a top I never wore. I didn't have a perfect project in mind for the Calmer, so I bided my time...

nothin' but a t-shirt knit-a-long  Number Two: Alison made my patience worthwhile with her Nothin' But a T-Shirt pattern in MagKnits. It took me all of about two seconds to ask Nona if I could join the knit-a-long.

So here I am, signed up for two knit-a-longs for one project. Because this is my house and I make the rules, I'm gonna go with it -- let's call it the Fixin' Vixen in a T-Shirt project, shall we?

Nona's T-shirt knit-a-long officially starts in two days (April 1), but I've already started knitting. Not (just) because I'm impatient, but also because I have some worries about my Calmer and I wanted to be sure it was going to work for this project. At least one of the concerns might be of interest to others working on this project, so I'll do my best to post about it later today or tomorrow before the knit-a-long officially gets under way.

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