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May 18, 2005

Oh, baby!

People having babies faster than I can knit for them! For my own planning purposes, here's what's currently on my plate (with "due dates"):

  • Sirdar wrap sweater for Taylor (Mail by 5/17) Done! Mailed!
  • Mickey from Rowan Pipsqueaks for Robbie (Finish by 5/21) Finished!
  • Lottie for Ñaña's baby (Finish by 6/3) Finished, with a matching hat!
  • Secret present for Fiona (ASAP, she's already here!)
  • Undecided present for Sheri's baby (start when she's born)

    Now that the the wrap sweater is finished (no picture but trust me - it looks just like the other two, same yarn and everything!) and in the hands of the postal service, all of my energy is focused on Robbie's sweater. I was worried the Rowan 4-ply Cotton would be overly stiff, but I'm finding it remarkably easy to knit with. And it knits up fast for how fine the gauge is -- the back and sleeves are already done! Tonight I'll steel myself and tackle the front with the intarsia star. Wish me luck!

    Posted by shannon at May 18, 2005 11:17 AM | For related posts: Baby Wrap Sweater, Miscellaneous Small Projects


    Me, too, I have a lot of upcoming baby knitting coming up ... and congrats on your engagement! Love the tee, and I need to get with it and make my own, too! :)

    Posted by: Jenifer at May 18, 2005 5:42 PM