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June 1, 2005

Ayuda a la Gringa!*

Friends, I need your help. As I try to dig out from my avalanche of baby knitting in a timely manner, I've hit a brick wall snag. My normal response to such an obstacle is to just power through it, trying and retrying a variety of techniques. But all of these small-gauge baby knits have left my hands and arms aching and tender, and I'm hoping that your collective experience will save them the strain of doing and undoing a teeny-tiny little seam.

Lottie, from Rowan Junior

This has been a very fast knit -- I bought the yarn on Friday night1, and all of the pieces were knit by Monday evening. I finished the seaming last night, and went on to work the moss stitch button bands. I knit both of them as indicated in the pattern (starting with five live stitches left on a holder at the bottom of the front panels for this purpose). The final instruction for the button band section of the pattern was: "Slip stitch bands into place."

I misread this, and took it to mean that I should baste them into place temporarily while I went on to pick up stitches and knit the collar. Needless to say, when I finished the collar and went back to the pattern to see how to permanently attach the button bands there was nothing there!

No biggie, I figured. I'll just do a little research on how to slip stitch and attach them now that I know better. I turned to Google, and found that a slip stitch seam is a crocheted seam favored by none other than Bonne Marie. (See this Lion Brand page for details and instructions.)

lottieseam.JPG  Not having an appropriately small crochet hook, I tried to fake it with other seaming techniques, and they all looked like crap -- each one made the seam bulky and uneven or caused the button band to curl under. I'll admit it, I'm a bit incredulous that a crocheted seam could come out neat and flat, but the seam in the pattern picture (left) is pretty much perfect so maybe I'm wrong. If so, what size crochet hook should I use (button band was knit on 2s, the body on 3s)? Anybody got any experience using a slip stitch tecnique on a small-gauge knit?


* "Help the Gringa!"
1 Thanks again, Johanna!
2 "Anyone?"

Posted by shannon at June 1, 2005 12:03 PM | For related posts: Miscellaneous Small Projects


Happy Birthday dear gringa!

Posted by: greta at June 1, 2005 1:26 PM

I'd do it with a C hook. Good luck Shannon!

Posted by: Johanna at June 1, 2005 9:26 PM

Ummm... i tend to slip stitch baby knits together with coordinating embroidery thread. don't split the fibers (like you do for embroidery) but use it whole and a small hook (like a size e). this holds it together, creates less bulk and washes well.
good luck

Posted by: Kate at June 2, 2005 12:07 PM

did you see this site? looks like a johanna is right on with a C-hook


Posted by: lisa b at June 3, 2005 2:25 PM

This is unrelated, but I need some help. I was inspired by the log cabin blanket you made and decided to try my hand at it. I have never picked up stitches before, but I read through instructions I found(not very thorough) and tried it. The only problem that I am having is that the back shows the new color running through the old color as I am picking up the stitches. Is that how it is suppose to be? Is there suppose to be a front and back side to the blanket? I find the lines of color unsightly. I have tried different ways of picking up the stitches and have frogged the piece a thousand times, but it is still the same. Please HELP ME!

Here are the pictures of my progress. Front: http://images9.fotki.com/v190/photos/1/140756/877362/logcabin002-vi.jpg
And back side: http://images9.fotki.com/v174/photos/1/140756/877362/logcabin001-vi.jpg

Posted by: oiyi at June 6, 2005 6:44 PM

oiyi, from both your description and your pictures it looks like you're doing it just right! (In other words, yes, there is a front [right side] and back [wrong side] to log cabin knits.)

Posted by: shannon at June 6, 2005 8:25 PM

Thank You! At least now I know I am doing it right. I am glad I don't have to start over. Too bad that both sides can't look the same.

Posted by: oiyi at June 6, 2005 8:50 PM