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August 5, 2005

Two by Two

Been pretty quiet around here, huh? Never fear, I'm knitting like a crazy woman. I've been incredibly productive, so it's not one of those times where I don't post because there's nothing to report. It's weird, I've even had entries queued up, needing only the slightest bit more work to be ready to post... and there they've languished.

Part of the reason is that there's a whole lotta wedding planning goin' on around here these days. (My motto is, "prepare frantically now to avoid being preparing frantically later".) It's time consuming, energy consuming, and deadly boring. Can't have that on the blog, now can we?

Here are two things that I've finished recently: nice, simple 2x2 ribbed scarves. The blue one is for a friend of the family who is hosting a brunch for "the womenfolk" the day before the wedding -- it's made of Cashmerino Superchunky in Misty Blue. The pink one is for the facilities/wedding coordinator at the place we're getting married, who is patient, competent, and responds quickly to e-mail*. It's made from just under two skeins of Rowan Cork in Pleasure, which I received as part of my welcome kit when I joined Rowan. The pattern for both was Alison's orange bliss scarf.

Wedding planning disguised as knitting? Or knitting disguised as wedding planning? You tell me.

*If Jason and I made a movie about working with wedding vendors, the title would be "Must Use E-mail". But we wouldn't make such a movie because we'd be incarcerated for boring people to death.

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