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January 19, 2006

Still Not a Race

I've been spending most of this week on Pam, and just doing a row or two on Zippy at the end of the evening. Last night, I took it off the needles and wrapped it around Jason's mid-section -- things look pretty good size-wise. This weekend, I'll be spending some time with the old calculator, since the raglan shaping and sleeves are coming up soon and my row gauge is -- as always -- a bit off from the pattern. I'm going to look at the instructions for the collar, too, since I've read that it looks a bit oversized for a guy when it's not standing up. Gotta get hubby's first handknit sweater right!

See those stripes? Good thing I'm alternating skeins!

There's a lot of theories about family size and birth order and their effects on personalities, but there is one thing that I now know for sure: only children crave the rivalry they don't get from siblings. How do I know this? Because despite being grown women reasonably resistant to childish impulses, when it came to knitting the Zip-Up Cardigans Alison and I -- both only children -- were off to the races faster than you could say "cast on 172 stitches". Like Alison's son B., we're both guilty of uttering the words "it's not a race!" when we're feeling like we might be a bit behind.

Repeat after me: it's not a race

Speaking of competition, I'm going to be an Olympian! (Holy Harlot that's a big knitalong. How big? There are SIX SEVEN Shannons on that list -- and I'm not on there yet!) I haven't decided what to knit -- I'm having trouble coming up with something that is both challenging and appealing. Maybe some more lace? A design of my own? Suggestions from the peanut gallery are encouraged!

Have a great weekend!

Posted by shannon at January 19, 2006 5:22 PM | For related posts: For Jason, Olympic Knitting, Zippy


I like your theory about only children craving the competition of sibling rivalry - I'm the opposite - the 2nd of 4, and the least competitive person I know! As for the Olympics, I have recently discovered the coolness of sock-making - maybe there's a cool sock pattern? I'm lusting after the ones Eunny made: "", but definitely don't have the skill or patience to make them yet. :)

Posted by: Carla at January 21, 2006 5:53 PM

I'm debating the olympics challenge and was considering fair-isle socks or Salina from Rowan's Vintage Knits. I've never made a fair-isle anything or a sweater in 16 days, so either would be a challenge. There are plenty of other techniques I want to learn that I might try out as well. I know there's got to be something you'd like to try!

Posted by: Tania at January 22, 2006 5:33 PM