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November 19, 2008

Ruffle Hat

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Hey, I Knit Something!


Nobody's more surprised than me, but I started and finished an entire knit object last week. The arrival of cold weather meant Annabelle was wearing the knit hats friends had knit for her quite a bit, and I was fielding a lot of "did you knit that?" questions. I just couldn't stand saying "nope!" all the time, so I went looking for a cute hat pattern. I settled on the Lilly Hat (Ravelry link) and used leftovers from my Very Necessary Sweater.

I made it a bit longer than the pattern calls for so it would cover her ears a bit. I actually think I went a bit overboard on the length, but I'm trying not to over-focus on the imperfections. The pleasure I get from answering the "did you knit that?" in the affirmative makes it much easier -- as does the extremely high cute quotient of the model!

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November 2, 2008

Too Full for a Title

Y'all, my life is full. Full full full. Annabelle is growing like a weed, and a delight most of the time. And I got a new job (which, to those who know me, should read: I GOT A NEW JOB!), so days have a new routine as we figure out daycare pick-up and drop off.

I am, however, knitting a bit. And I finally, finally finished Annabelle's blanket. When I got back to knitting it, I reviewed the rest of the pattern. After finishing the squares, all I really had left was to knit and attach the border, and then embroider the circles. I stalled for a day or two, and then came to a realization: if I wanted to call this blanket done before the cool weather arrived, I was going to have to ignore the pattern. Instead of knitting the border separately and sewing it on, I knit it directly onto the blanket. And this blanket will not have any circles. It's done.


It's not perfect. The attachment of the border is a bit rough, and I'm sure it would look really cute with the circles sewn on. But time passes too fast and my days are already plenty full -- and I'd rather Annabelle had an imperfect blanket to love than no blanket at all.

The only other knitting I've done since then has been a scarf for me, the repair of a hole in a friend's favorite sweater, and several inches on a sock for Jason. There's so much more I want to do, but... did I mention my life is full? Here's two shots from this weekend alone!

Anna the Banana on Halloween
Knocking on doors in Virginia for Obama

I hope your lives are full, too!

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Annabelle's Striped Blanket

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