September 15, 2003

Mango Rico!

Just a wee bit see-through against my pasty white skin!

Well, Mango has been done for a while now. I've actually worn it twice and I love it. Alison says she's going to make Mango with sleeves, and once she has you can expect to see me doing the same. I think I'll call it Mango Abrigado!

P.S. -- El baile del Mango Negro (The dance of the black Mango), a la Becky!

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August 14, 2003

El Mango Negro!

Alison asked in the comments of the previous entry if I had cast on for Mango yet. I guess you could say so.


See, I'm doing a lot of hurry up and wait right now with the job situation. I'm so distracted that I can't do anything that requires planning or sustained attention which means that I'm reduced to surfing the web and knitting. El Mango Negro is the fruit of my stress!

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