December 30, 2005

Christmas 2005: Last Things First, Vol. III

You'll be relieved to hear that this entry marks the the halfway point of the Christmas knitting re-cap, and that my goal is to have it all wrapped up by January 1. Without further ado, then, let me tell you about...

Doc's Socks

Of everybody in Jason's family, his dad (aka, Doc) seems to be the one most fascinated by my knitting. He's a process guy, more likely to comment on the speed or prolificity of my knitting than on the final product. (Actual quote from his toast at our rehearsal dinner: "...and she knits for everybody in the family!" ) If he thinks I'm fast normally, he should have seen how quickly I churned these out:

Doc's Socks
3x1 ribbed socks in Lorna's Laces Worsted

When I went looking for sock yarn for Doc's Socks, I knew I wanted heavier than usual gauge. After quite a bit of fruitless searching, I found a plastic bag of Lorna's Laces Worsted in Charcoal hidden in the back of a low shelf at a LYS. It was a little heavier than I had initially wanted, but the browny-blackish color was just so perfect I couldn't resist. I bought two skeins (225 yards each), but hoped that I would only need one. I didn't want to make him too-short socks, after all.

I knit them on size 5s, and they just sailed. I barely remember knitting them, though that might have been the hypnotic trance I entered each time I laid my hands on that heavenly-soft yarn. Here's the best part -- when I finished the second sock a week before Christmas, I had a ton of yarn left over... from the first skein. Considering how fast the socks went, I evenly divided the remaining yarn in half, ripped both of the socks back to just before the heel began, and added at least three inches of sock to each one using half of the remaining yarn. Then I did the heels and feet again. And I still had plenty of time to give them to him for Christmas.

Picture 018
A very blurry picture, but the only one that shows that I
really did get two normal-size socks out of one skein of yarn!

Oh yes, I will be using this yarn again.

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October 31, 2002

Roar Lions, Roar!

I finished this about two weeks ago -- it's a scarf for Jason's dad. Seeing as the whole family is slavishly loyal to Columbia University, I thought that the patriarch should have a way to display his Columbia blues daily.

It was knitted on #10 needles, using Merino Plus yarn by Mondial (no link available). The pattern was by yours truly, and it went a little like this:

Row 1: k2, (p2, k2), then repeat the sequence in parentheses 6 times
Row 2: k30

Repeat, changing colors as desired! (This scarf alternates from light to dark blue in six big blocks, but you can change more often for a stripey-er look.)

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