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October 31, 2002

Roar Lions, Roar!

I finished this about two weeks ago -- it's a scarf for Jason's dad. Seeing as the whole family is slavishly loyal to Columbia University, I thought that the patriarch should have a way to display his Columbia blues daily.

It was knitted on #10 needles, using Merino Plus yarn by Mondial (no link available). The pattern was by yours truly, and it went a little like this:

Row 1: k2, (p2, k2), then repeat the sequence in parentheses 6 times
Row 2: k30

Repeat, changing colors as desired! (This scarf alternates from light to dark blue in six big blocks, but you can change more often for a stripey-er look.)

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Baby Hats!

Today I finished my third baby hat using this easy, no-fuss pattern.

I used #6 circular needles until it was time to decrease, and then I used double-pointed needles. I think this yarn is so dang kicky, and a bargain too! It's Red Heart Super Saver Multicolor, and the color is Mexicana.

One of the hats is for my cousin Tiffanie's new baby (he'll have to grow into it!) and the other is for Ñaña's Bulis, of course.

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